What Kite Surfing taught me

So today, I had an amazing day observing kites, I surprised my husband for his 30th with a trip to Tarifa to do some kite-surfing. I was photographer for the day, but what made the day so amusing was to look up and see these colourful and peaceful kites gliding in the sky, weaving and making figures of eight.

Then, you look down and see the struggle in beginners, learning to accept the wind and not fight it and try tame the wind. I saw the strength and skill the kite surfer had that made their kite fly and their movements look so effortless. These surfers had surrendered to the wind. You cannot tame the wind, but you can build the courage and strength and learn to how to be one with the wind.

It was a wonderful sight, but I’ll be hitting the amazing shops tomorrow, the streets are lined with my kinda stores. Crystals, beads, floaty clothes and jewellery… can’t wait!

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