Why do I do Yoga?

My yoga practice is always morphing, but it always comes back to this for me. Why do yoga?

I do yoga to clear my emotions, cleanse my organs, calm my nervous system and most importantly reenergise my chakras.

IMG-20140408-WA0004Meditation is a big part of that too, balancing the mind – logical and creative thinking, opening to intuition. Yoga is a spiritual practice, that is what it has always been and when you take away the need to do it for fitness, you really see yoga for what it is: A wonderful soulful tool.

Everyone can use yoga and adapt it to suit their needs. As your needs change so can your practice. From a strong and dynamic yoga style, to restorative. Hatha or Yin, you name it there are so many styles of yoga that you can try and see which one fits your life right now. You may not even be that into yoga now, but as life carries on, you will find its benefits are endless… start early to gain the benefits before it is a last resort – Come and Work With Me

Breath is key in all of this. Pranayama can harness energy in your organs in your nervous system and on an energetic level it can give you the greatest boost. No matter what style of yoga you practice you always have to come back to the breath. The breath can regulate your mind and emotions on and especially off the mat.

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