Winter Solstice Preparation

As I am preparing for the winter solstice tomorrow. Feeling super excited!  I felt I should share with you what I am doing.

As always I set my intentions with my crystals laid out in a grid. For this time of year the end of 2013 we are preparing to set new intentions, it is like setting your new years resolutions. But first you must clear the past.

Write out all the things you wish to let go of on one piece of paper- everything you no longer want to remember or be associated with, any negative experiences or troubled times. Any conditioned traits that you no longer want or personal qualities that you don’t need. Release them by writing it down on a piece of paper and then tear up and/or burn that piece of paper. Do this with meaning, it is a ritual to release but don’t think of it as odd, think of it as a really strong cutting of ties.

Then write on a new piece of paper all the incredible things you are and want to bring into you life.  Become empowered by the achievements you desire. set those positive intentions, desires, goals and dreams and manifest them into 2014 by believing in them and giving them more energy, time and thought then the old and negative.

Do this today and tomorrow.  As a closing of 2013 and an invitation to what 2014 will become.

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  1. Soul Soiree

    Thank you for sharing what you are doing! Such a powerful message by literally letting go of the old.

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